Justice League: War (2014)

From the very beginning, I was instructed by the producer and director not to write character-specific themes. Their reasoning behind that was that this is the first time the superheroes meet each other, and they’re all going through a sort of “getting to know you” phase. The only theme they wanted was that of the League itself, which I hint at throughout the film, but the full-on theme is only presented for the first time in the end credits. However, they did want an identifiable sound for the film’s antagonist Darkseid, so instead of a theme, I came up with an interesting sound for him, which kind of sounds like a very low-pitched monster breathing.

Justice League: War

Released February 14, 2014 by WaterTower Music

  1. Justice League- War (Opening Titles) 00:40
  2. Green Lantern Meets The Parademon 00:48
  3. Rooftop Battle / Chase Through the City 03:25
  4. Underground Tunnels 02:28
  5. Silas Updates Barry 00:42
  6. Game Day 01:20
  7. Diana And The Angry Mob 01:35
  8. Billy Meets Victor / Superman Makes An Entrance 02:31
  9. Superfriend Or Superfoe / Enter Darkside 04:13
  10. Parademons Break Through / Saving Victor 03:20
  11. Fighting The Parademon Horde 02:05
  12. Billy Becomes Shazam 00:43
  13. Darkseid’s Arrival 04:47
  14. Batman Unmasked / Darkseid Homeworld 02:03
  15. The Heroes Join Forces 01:48
  16. Off To Rescue Superman / Darkseid Battle 02:44
  17. The Battle Continues 07:11
  18. Final Battle 05:56
  19. Saving The Day / Award Ceremony / End Titles 06:30