Superman Unbound (2013)

After meeting with director James Tucker, he had a specific instruction for me about the music: he didn’t want it to be a typical orchestral superhero score, the likes of which has been done countless times before. I suggested a “hybrid” approach to him that would combine the traditional orchestra with a heavy dose of overlaid electronics, and he was very receptive to that idea. Since the previous Superman movies hadn’t ventured in to this genre of scoring, I didn’t refer to the excellent music that had been previously written for the character. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to take the franchise in a new, contemporary direction.

Superman Unbound

Released April 25, 2013 by WaterTower Music

  1. Main Title 2:09
  2. Terrorist Attack 5:03
  3. Probe Approaches Earth 0:29
  4. Intercepting the Probe / Probe Fight 2:26
  5. Dissecting the Probe / Kandor Attack 4:46
  6. Planetary Takeover 4:18
  7. Brainiac’s Ship 5:50
  8. Superman Breaks Out 6:15
  9. Brainiac Attacks Metropolis 7:18
  10. Superman Held Captive. 2:55
  11. Brainiac’s Meltdown 5:07
  12. Rebuilding the City / End Titles 6:48